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Phyllis R.
Silver Spring, MD

I have taken my 250-cc scooter to Cycles for annual service since it was recommended to me 4 years ago.  Though I am a female riding a scooter (rather than a male with some big-a$$ machine) I have always been taken seriously and my scooter has been tended faithfully.  I appreciate Jeremy’s knowledge and customer service.


Willian I.
Washington DC

I have been a happy customer of Cycles of Silver Spring from even before the owners Jeremy (front desk) and Rush (mechanic bay) used to work for the Cycles USA shop around 14000 GA ave in S/S that closed 5-6 years ago. I followed them, because of great service, depth of knowledge, and fantastic attitude. This is my local shop, and I use them for ALL my work. On Saturdays at 10am, they typically have a first come first served, no appointments necessary policy, for quick jobs like oil changes etc, I am a last minute guy so that helps big time. They have worked on all my bikes, including a 2006 sv, 2006 katana, 2007 fz1, 2006 vstrom, and a 2008 bking. work done: – oil changes, tires, chain replacement, etc on all my bikes – aftermarket engine guard, belly plate, center-stand, braided lines on my 2006 Africa-Tour Vstrom 1000 – aftermarket yoshi cans, headlights, frame sliders, engine guard, tire changes (multiple), service, etc on my 2008 bking caveat – I do not own shares, LOL. I read the second review, the guy with the 250 Ninja, and I would venture to say that in all the years and many hours spent chilling and waiting for my bike to get done, I have never heard a complaint, so that review (not contesting it) seems to be totally out of character with what I have personally observed. And I think it may be unfair, especially when compared to all the other reviews which all rate them 5 stars to the last one.


Pico D.
Silver Spring, MD

I’ve been a customer since they opened in 2009, and have been pleased the entire time. They know motorcycles, and always steer me straight. I trust them completely.  Plus, I learn something new from them anytime I’m there, either for service or to pick up supplies. STOP BY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.  (I currently own a 2005 Honda RC51)


San Francisco, CA

As a recent arrival in DC, I was looking for someone I can trust to work on my motorcycle. Jeremy was professional, friendly and put me quickly at ease. He even offered to give me a ride to the metro station after I dropped off my bike. I’m impressed.


Marcus D.
Hyattsville, MD

I’m honestly surprised these guys don’t have more reviews, but I found their service to be top notch. I called in the day before to make an appointment. I got there and found a bunch of bikes outside so it was easy to spot while riding in. Their location is clean and very inviting looking for any motorcycle rider. The staff is knowledgable & straightforward. I was able to wait a reasonable time for my bike to get service. I’m glad I found them, they’re at a very convenient location to me and offered a ride to the local metro if I chose to leave the bike. All in all, the experience was all I could hope & ask for, given I’m a first time rider.


Kearston P.
Annapolis Juncton, MD

ALL of these guys are extremely passionate about what they do and they are all very knowledgable about everything and anything you need or want to know. Their all really good guys and are very good on them 2 wheels. You want good service, attitude, and overall a great experience, this is definitly the place!


Mark S.
Silver Spring, MD

Great service, great prices, great turnaround time. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. Made some great recommendations for my bike, and it’s running great!


Nancy B.
Ijamsville, MD

A1 folks so helpful. The inspector/mechanic Brian …great job. Thanks guys for all your help. We Love Cycles of Silver Spring.


Adam P.
Bethesda, MD

These guys are really good with customer service and their knowledge of motorcycles is excellent. Also, they’re honest. I’ve gone in a few times when I could have been an easy target for a bogus fix, but they’ve never jumped on the opportunity. I now go to them for all my motorcycle needs and fully endorse their services.


Cas L.
Takoma Park, MD

I just bought my first motorcycle from these guy. They were unbelievably helpful. They gave me an out of this world price on a great bike and told me everything I needed to know about it. Honest, welcoming, Knowledgeable; I just can’t put into words how positive of an experience I’ve had with these guys.Thank you George and Jeremy (and raya, the adorable puppy)! I’ll see you for my check up in 3,000 miles!!! _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Evan R.
Washington, DC

Really accommodating, knowledgeable staff! They’re very friendly and are more than happy to give you advice about your bike- I trust their opinions and never have felt like I’m getting gouged or taken advantage of whatsoever.  Highly recommended!! _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Jacquie D.
Silver Spring, MD

Great staff – I got there early, they were there, I dropped my bike – it cost less than their estimate – the bike is running great-  they even shined up the windshield. Eezy-peezy. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

David B.
Silver Spring, MD

Very customer oriented.  Listened to my concerns and translated them into reasonably priced and timely work.  Kept me informed.  I have an unusual motorcycle for the area and they took nothing for granted, talked to experts, and did really nice work. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ed N.
Silver Spring, MD

I took my motorcycle their on Saturday for what I thought would be a simple assembly.  Jeremy was more than happy to take a look at it and asked me what my budget was for fixing it, I told him $400.  He explained that the bike was in worse shape than I thought and a lot more would have to be done to it.  Jeremy said that it would be about 3 times what I wanted to pay and that he felt better telling me that up front than having me spend the money to not get the bike running.  It would be better for me to save the money and put it towards a bike that wouldn’t give me trouble every season.  That kind of honesty is rare in a mechanic.  He could have taken my bike and my money and called me in a week and told me the situation.  Then I would be out the money.  That is why when I get a bike I will always take it to Jeremy at Cycles.  I would highly recommend this. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Troy M.
Washington, DC

These guys serviced an insurance claim on my Shadow, came and picked up the bike, gave me a fair quote for the damage (and quickly), and offered good recommendations on servicing and a couple of maintenance suggestions.  Friendly guys and left me with a good impression of their business, would definitely call them next time.  Not far away from downtown Silver Spring, easy to get to from the District. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sara S.
Silver Spring, MD

Cycles of Silver Spring is great!  I got my bike serviced quickly and all the employees were great! Definitly going back! _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Christopher C.
Silver Spring, MD

(FYI, I wrote this same review in Google, but it’s worth saying twice.) A month ago, I brought my old Kawasaki in to Cycles of Silver Spring. I’m not a bad shade tree mechanic, but there was a nagging performance problem I just couldn’t run down. I’d done all the easy solutions and adjustments — replaced the pilot jets, disassembled, cleaned and reassembled the carbs, checked the spark and replaced the plugs, adjusted the valves (shims), etc. — but it was only getting worse. So this was not an easy repair, and I’m not a common customer. I made the appointment, managed to limp it over to their shop, and we talked. We started the conversation in the usual way for me: “Well, it could be [this].” “I thought so too, which is why I did [that], [this], and [this other].” “Well, it might be [another option].” “Might be, but I checked [here] and [there], and with those measurements, it seemed unlikely.” I swear, I try not to be annoying about it. I know I’m not Mr. Mechanic, but I’m also smarter than I look. Thankfully, rather than making assumptions, they listened, and started to work with me almost immediately. I gave it to them for a day, and after a bit of struggling (hey, it was subtle), they found the root problem and fixed it. Not only that, they talked to me about some of the other things they noticed while they were there, which I found marvelously helpful. Because it was difficult, the repair bill wasn’t tiny, but they told me that going in, and the total was close to their estimate. In addition, they showed me other stuff that needed attention: leaking fork seals (worse than I thought), broken cable housing, and other broken bits I hadn’t noticed. Very helpful, especially when they knew I’d be doing those repairs myself. They fixed a difficult problem, and gave me extra value. Can’t ask for more than that. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ariel L.
Berwyn Heights, MD

I know this shop may appear new, but the staff here are all from the well known, and recently closed, Cycles USA. I’ve used other shops in the area, but feel far more comfortable here.  The staff here were very helpful, answering all my questions and ensuring I had the best information before I made a decision.  There was no backlog of bikes like other shops, and the only delay was in waiting for parts (I got my bike back the day the part came in).  They even deducted some of the labor cost since they had to access that area of the bike already (replaced brake pads and tires).  Very accessible via phone or email, communication was definitely not an issue. I have every intention of returning for future maintenance. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Guy R.
Silver Spring, MD

I just had my first motorcycle service done here and am very satisfied.  The service organization from Cycles USA moved to CoSS when Cycles USA went out of business.  So, if you liked them there, you’ll like them here. They did exactly what I asked, told me ahead of time how much it would cost, and patiently answered questions I had.  I will return for subsequent required service and recommend them without reservation. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

francis m.
Leonia, NJ

these guys are amazing. they came to pick up my bike in a van- they were on time and changed me far less than a towing company. other companies i had called basically didnt care at all- and blew me off completely. furthermore, they fixed my bike in about 2 hours haha. a new battery was required and they did not over charge on labor. amazing place- highly recommend. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Andrew M.
Germantown, MD

Just had alot of work on my dirtbike…..Staff is great, highly knowledgeable, great prices! Great people and great shop….Would def recommend!!! _________________________________________________________________________________________________

john c.
Olney, MD

I toook my bike in to be rejetted and the guys there were great. they know their stuff and don’t mess around. the bike screams, ridiculous. a great shop, with great service and really good prices. Don’t bother with the old stand-bys. Cycles is it. john